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    Reduces excitability of nervous tissues:
    Cold laser light speeds up nerve cell processes, which may decrease numbness associated with certain conditions. The photons of light energy enter the body as negative ions. The body respond to the negative ions by sending positive ions like calcium, magnesium, and other minerals to go the area being treated. These positive ions are essential to the nerves thereby relieving pain.
    i.e.  Arthritis, Soft Tissue Injuries, Sports Injuries, Tendonitis

    Rapid cell growth -
    Cold Laser Therapy accelerates cell reproduction for faster wound healing.
    i.e. Sports Injuries, Repetitive Motion Injuries

    Faster wound healing -
    Cold Laser Therapy stimulates fibroblast development and accelerates collagen synthesis in damaged tissues. Collagen is the essential protein used to repair damaged tissue. It is the substance that holds cells together and has a high degree of elasticity.
    i.e. Overuse Injuries, Sports Injuries, Soft Tissue Injuries

    Increases metabolic activity -
    Cold Laser Therapy causes higher outputs of specific enzymes, increased oxygen and food through the cell membranes causing greater mitochondrial production of ATP (energy). Increased ATP production allows cells to accept nutrients faster and get rid of waste products faster resulting in faster and better wound healing.
    i.e. Arthritic Conditions, Sports Injuries, Sprains, Strains, Overuse Injuries

    Reduced fibrous (scar) tissue formation -
    Cold Laser Therapy reduces formation of scar tissue, which has little elasticity. By increasing collagen production less scar tissue is formed at the damaged site.
    i.e. Sports lnuries, Repetitive Motion Injuries, Overuse Injuries

    Anti-inflammatory action -
    Cold Laser Therapy helps to reduce swelling to offer enhanced joint mobility following injury.
    i.e. Arthritic Conditions, Tendonitis, Sports Injuries, Sprain, Strains

    Increased phagocytosis -
    Cold Laser stimulates the cleaning up cells damaged by injury or degenerative conditions. This cleanup must take place before healing can occur. i.e. Sports Injuries, Soft Tissue Injuries, Sprains, Strains, Arthritic Conditions

    Low lever laser therapy is not harmful. Cold lasers that are used for tissue stimulation have insufficient strength to damage cells.

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